Digital Plans Review Ready to Launch

The City of Orlando officially launches a new program called “Digital Plan Review” on January 25th.
Drawings (including site surveys, development plans, and architectural elevations) and supporting documents for all City Planning requests will now be uploaded in digital format thanks to Digital Plan Review.
A free community pre-launch demonstration of the service will take place Friday, January 22th at 1pm in Council Chambers in City Hall.

According to the City website, the value for those who use the service is as follows:

  1. Available 24hrs, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year
  2. Reduce printing costs required for paper submission.
  3. Save time submitting and receiving updates online
  4. Easy access to final plan set for download
  5. Access to full file history
  6. Automatic file versioning
  7. Electronic stamping
  8. Information access & performance tracking
  9. Design community access to redlines

Those who use the service will benefit from the Tutorial​.

Have a tip about Orlando-area development? Send it to


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