The truth about the automatic flush toilet

Automatic Flush Toilet

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A recent trip across country to help my aging mother renewed my disdain for an automatic flush toilet! These awful toilets are found in many airport public restrooms and I was exposed to quite a few during this trip. I really despise the automatic toilet flusher and decided to dig up some information.

Features of the automatic flush toilet (and my rebuttal)

Top toilet manufacturers list these common selling points:

  1. Prevents odors by ensuring that fixtures are flushed after every use (Okay, I get that, but that doesn’t help if the toilet doesn’t work, and you lazy people who don’t flush should be ashamed of yourselves!)
  2. Promotes good hygiene by eliminating potential points of cross-contamination (Really? The way those toilets flush and spray all over the toilet seat, how can they be sure of that?) 
  3. Nothing to touch (This is true if the system is working properly, no toilet handle to touch. However I have used many an Automatic Toilet that did not flush. Good luck finding the button. And who doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom? That is what the sink, soap and towels are for!)

 This is what I imagine about the origin of this bathroom beast

Some guy invented this gadget called an electronic sensor that makes the toilet flush valve work automatically. Then some other guy thought it was a really great way to increase company profits by selling this modern automation to everyone who could afford it. Obviously they didn’t test it for very long before sending it out in the marketplace!

Is the toilet flushing system a benefit for mankind? The children who have nightmares about being sucked into the sewer probably don’t think so. The truth is found among the multitude of people who detest this toilet flushing system that is not as amazing as the salesman said it would be!

These videos pretty much say it all!

The simple truth by Ricky simplecommentary

A great tirade by ProjectRANT

Leave a comment about your own experience with these toilets!

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