Spring Fever in the Netherlands

Last week PBS showcased the Netherlands Spring Fever week. What is Spring Fever? The flowers blooming….The snow melting… No silly, it’s all about Sex! (well, more like, comprehensive sexuality education. More details below.)

Not like George Michael. But that is what we automatically think as American’s.  That sex is all about the physical action and not about intimacy. Not true. They are all in one. As Ineke van der Vlugt, an expert on youth sexual development for Rutgers WPF, said in the PBS special ““There were societal concerns that sexualization in the media could be having a negative impact on kids. We wanted to show that sexuality also has to do with respect, intimacy, and safety.”

Often we associate sex with adult films aka porn movies and romance & intimacy with movies like “The Notebook”. Really…people…that is why horrible fiction like “50 Shades of Grey” was the best erotica for millions of lonely housewives with limited imagination because of conservative views of about sex. (sorry about the personal rant)

The video below is from the movie “Now and Then”  it is a prime example on how most parents feel about talking about sex to their children. Grant you, it’s not the same conversation parent’s will have. You can see the anguish in the mother’s face when she talks about sex. The reality is that is how MOST parents react when their little innocent baby is asking “What is Sex”. ( I am not saying all parents. Based on personal experiences, I feel very comfortable saying MOST)

Now you can understand her obsession with flowers. Really….. we want the “The Notebook” love life but do not want to teach or learn how to have it.  To be honest, people need to watch “Don Jon” to understand what happens when you skip the respect, intimacy and safety about sex in a relationship.  It goes to show why the Dutch have better sexual relationships.

What is their secret.  Spring Fever! Every year all the schools have a week dedicated on the education of Sexuality Education to both children and parents. Say what?!?! Basically age appropriate sex education, that includes topics like body image, homosexuality, boundaries,  expressing yourself and your wishes aka how to communicate with your partner. The Netherlands have goals, by the age 7 students are expected to be able to properly name body parts including genitals. To be able to say what does not feel good to them.  By age 11 students are comfortable enough to navigate pointed discussions about reproduction, safe sex, and sexual abuse.

Those are foreign concept to us; as we are a nation that prefers to push abstinence until marriage type of education. How is that working out?!?!?  We have shows like “Teen Mom” that are helping to reduce the rates of teen pregnancies in the areas where the show was filmed in. Goes to prove that we are letting television shows and the internet teach children about sex. Instead of taking the time to tell them the truth. You will be surprised how much children know about sex.

Why not check out the complete article here to have a better understanding on why we should start teaching sex education to kindergarten. Here are some videos from the special.

After watching those videos. Is teaching our kids about comprehensive sexuality education that bad!?!?! If we taught our children the correct information and provide them easy access to contraception. We would not need laws like Erin’s Law to teach sex education in schools to help prevent sexual abuse and facilities such as Planned Parenthood to provide contraceptions and abortions.

Sex is about having fun in a healthy relationship. To have the ever after, the right way. Isn’t that the American way!

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