Gableman hopes to reel Rindfleisch (and Scott Walker’s secrets) back to Wisconsin

Dear Readers: We have some John Doe II news to talk about. I’m not absolutely positive what’s up – but I have some strong suspicions, which I will go into. Whatever’s going down, the timing of this could not be more threatening to Scott Walker’s impending presidential campaign. First you need to know that the more »


Who Is Your Hero? Mrs. Fields Share Your Hero Campaign

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You know the mom who is always at school? The one who drives car pool, joins the PTA and throws killer birthday parties? That was my mom. Mom was always there to help with anything needed at school, dance or Girl Scouts. Everyone knew my mom, and I felt special having my mom by my side for everything. She was supermom, and she is my hero.

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5 Trip Tips for the Flexible Traveler

Photo courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

Photo courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

Being old has its advantages when it comes to travel. Not having to plan vacations around the kids’ school schedules allows those of us, who have ripened into the mature years, to be more flexible and spontaneous. We can also be more adventurous and strategize outside the box of more traditional journey planners.

After tossing around ideas for our next trip, we got to work and put together a cool (as in get me the hell out of this heat) last minute trip using the following approaches:

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

1. Contrary to what you might hear from other cruise expert sites…if you can be flexible, wait until the last minute to book your cruise. The prices drop dramatically the 2 weeks before departure. A typical $1,000 per person cabin rate might drop to as low as $350 if you can just be patient.

2. The above cruise info works better for ports within driving distance. Unfortunately, air fares go up for last minute fliers. Two weeks ago, however, we booked a cruise with Holland America, out of Boston (arriving from Orlando) with the final docking in Montreal. Having discovered decent one-way rates to Worcester and from New York City, we squeezed in an Amtrak scenic 10 hour trip from Montreal to NYC after the cruise. It took a while to figure all this out but well worth the time online.

3. If you need a Friday or Saturday in Manhattan, book near Wall Street. The rates drop as workers get out of town. We saved $100 a night at the Millenium Hilton, with midtown rates in the $300’s. The subways and buses will take you anywhere from lower Manhattan so why not stay far from the maddening crowds?

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

4. And while we are talking about booking hotels, after checking the discount search engines like Travelocity and Priceline, go directly to the hotel and compare prices (this goes for airlines, too). You might find the same rate or even lower by booking direct. Picking up the phone to call the hotel manager is another option that might get you a discount or upgraded room.

5. This one might sound like a no-brainer, but when booking flights, check smaller airports within 50 or 60 miles of your destination. We have a tiny airport in Sanford, near Orlando, out of which Allegiant Air flies, with some fantastic rates to other tiny airports. Instead of flying into Montreal, choose Plattsburgh, NY and hop on the Amtrak to Canada. You’ll save tons of $$ and enjoy a wonderfully scenic ride as a bonus. On this trip we are landing in Worcester, MA, picking up a Greyhound for the 1 hour drive to Boston, saving some big bucks.

Travel deals can be had if you are creative and lose some of the old, worn myths that have been disproven over the years. The trick to keeping that moss from growing is to keep the stone rolling…so travel for travel’s sake and don’t be afraid to be spur-of-the-moment!

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Photo courtesy Anne Taintor

The Alfond Inn $5 Bloody Mary – Weekends 11am-2pm Only!

Cheap drinks are everywhere in Central Florida, but it’s rare you can find a boozy bargain in a ritzy hotel covered in real expensive art and stuffed with over-stuffed glamorous furniture. On Saturdays and Sundays 11am-2pm, the Alfond Inn (300 E. New England Ave, Winter Park) offers a huge $5 Bloody Mary at their main bar right next to signature restaurant, Hamilton’s Kitchen. Keep your tab open and sit in one of the many seating arrangements they have: large mod single chairs surrounding a blonde stone coffee table, wide colorful couches flanking one skinny metal table, or go outside for some shady seating next to a central grassy courtyard filled with NO ONE. Hello peace and quiet. Just a tip from your friends at The Daily City.